The Band

The Detroit Breakdown Band is a high energy Band playing music specifically tailored to keep the audience on the dance floor. Formed in September of 2008, Detroit Breakdown blends infectious grooves with a vast array of genres and artists that each band member interprets in our own special way, leading to a common thread connecting each in a natural way.

Detroit Breakdown is comprised of five professional musicians along with a sound engineer who collectively have over 170 years of experience. We own our state-of-the-art sound system and equipment that can handle any size room, venue or function, and can travel throughout New England to clubs, private parties and events.



paulPaul Petit: Front-man Paul, the vocalist / harmonica / sax / flute player is a veteran of Shot in the Dark, one of the areas top blues band. In addition he fronted the Mill City Rockers for over a decade and is featured on their first two albums as the lead singer which topped record sales on “Big Noise Records”, hitting #1 for regional sales.

Live Gear: Marine Band Harmonicas, Shure Mics, Silvertone Amps, Yamaha Sax


scottScott Cioe: Lead guitarist and vocalist Scott is a veteran rocker from New England, having played with WHJY Radio’s famous Paul and Al and The Nads as their band leader. He is also the lead guitarist for Rapid Fire (formerly Mainbreak) and is the former lead guitarist for Man Made God and Exit 19. Scott brings an exciting, one of a kind Stratocaster tone to this project and has been rated as one of the area’s top players and showman.

Live Gear: Fender “Eric Clapton” and “Custom Shop” Stratocasters, VHT, Dr. Z Amps, Shure Wireless, Fulltone Pedals and Shure Mics


regRich “Reggie” Roussel: The Bass player and vocalist Reggie is the first half of the rhythm section and is a founding member of Mainbreak, Injustice and the Negative Attitudes. Reggie, with his Jazz bass, lays down a great bottom end to tap your foot to.

Live Gear: Fender Deluxe Jazz Basses, Mesa Boogie Amps, Shure Wireless, Shure Mics



billBilly “Bam-Bam” Donahue: The drummer Billy, rounding out the rhythm section, is a former member of Young Neal and the Vipers, Touch, and Through the Doors. Billy has played venues in Europe and the entire east coast of the United States. He brings a hard driving blues shuffle feel to this project and is a great showman as well as musician.

Live Gear: Tama Drums, Zildjian and Sabian Cymbals, Shure Mics


ritchieRichard “Mr. B-3” Jiacovelli: Keyboardist and vocalist playing an authentic Hammond B-3 organ and piano, Richie is also a veteran of Shot in the Dark, Nasty Habits, Uncle Chubby, Steeple, and Mixed Emotions making him a “key” player in the project (pun intended). Richie makes the B-3 scream like no one else in the area, always making for a memorable experience.

Live Gear: Hammond B-3, Hammond XK-3, Yamaha P85, Roland Amps, Shure Mics



Dave BristolDAVE “THE SOUND GUY”:  Audio Engineer, 30+ years of experience starting locally with the Probers, John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band as a Stage Tech, Lighting Design and Directing, then moving on to Boston, traveling with the Stompers. Dave then travelled to New York, with Warlock, Rick James, Rusted Root, opening for Megadeath, Joe Cocker and the Allman Brothers as well as the Grateful Dead, all over the USA and Canada. Dave also toured the USA, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia with Cyndi Lauper and Joe Jackson while working and learning with some of the best Sound Engineers in the world. Upon his return to Rhode Island, was accepted into IATSE Local 23 as a Journeyman. He was also the Head of the Audio Department at PPAC….Now he’s with us!!!!!!



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